Main purpose of job

To oversee the accurate and timely payment of staff salaries and expenses, ensuring that appropriate statutory deductions are made.

Main responsibilities

1. Supervise the accurate and timely payment of all staff salaries and expenses, making the appropriate statutory deductions.
2. Supervise the administration of the permanent health insurance scheme and the pension scheme.
3. Supervise the administration of the Statutory Sick Pay scheme, Statutory Maternity Pay and Statutory Paternity Pay schemes.
4. Provide any required advice and guidance on payroll matters to managers and staff.
5. Oversee the timely and accurate submission of all statutory returns to the Inland Revenue and other government departments.
6. Monitory all payroll costs and ensure that these are allocated to the correct budget heads.
7. Keep abreast of all developments relating to payroll law and administration to ensure that the company complies with its statutory obligations and follows best practice.
8. Develop and implement all necessary systems and procedures to ensure the continued timely and accurate payment of salaries and expenses.
9. Supervise payroll staff to ensure that they are appropriately motivated and trained and carry out their responsibilities effectively.

Knowledge, skills and experience required

The job requires:

* qualifications to GCSE A level, ;including English and Math.
* At least 2 years' payroll experience;
* detailed knowledge of the statutory regulations applying to payroll procedures;
* supervisory skills;
* accuracy;
* computer and keyboard skills;
* good interpersonal skills. 


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