Job Purpose

To ensure that the company's office building is maintained as a cost-effective, safe and secure environment and to ensure the effective provision of office services to company staff.

Job Responsibilities:

1. Draw up schedules for the periodic inspection and maintenance of offices and monitor any work undertaken to ensure that it is to the required standards.

2. Negotiate and agree services with contractors to ensure that repairs and regular maintenance are carried out.

3. Monitor the performance of contractors to ensure that work is carried out to the required standards.

4. Introduce all necessary procedures to ensure the security of the building.

5. Negotiate and agree cleaning services for the building and monitor the work carried out to ensure that it is of the required standard.

6. Supervise the work of administrative support staff to ensure that they provide the
administrative services required by the company to the required standards.

7. Negotiate contracts for the purchase of stationary and office equipment on the most
cost-effective basis.

8. Supervise the distribution of incoming mail and the efficient dispatch of outgoing mail.

9. Carry out routine inspections to ensure that first aid boxes are adequately stocked and that fire extinguishers are correctly maintained.

10. Keep all staff informed of office procedures.

11. Maintain all necessary records to ensure that the office is well maintained, that
administrative services are provided as required and that invoices are processed for work carried out.

12. Prepare the annual budget for office services and monitor expenditure against this budget.

13. Maintain an awareness of the best practice in office procedures and of developments in office technology to ensure the continued effective and efficient running of the company's offices.

Knowledge, skills and experience required:

The job requires:
*at least 2 years' office management experience;
*a good knowledge of all office systems;
*supervisory experience;
*excellent interpersonal skills;
*excellent organizational skills.



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