Job Purpose

To organize a daytime nursery which provides a safe, caring and stimulating environment for children.

Job Responsibilities:

1. Organize the nursery on a day-to-day basis, ensuring that it provides a safe, caring and
stimulating environment for children and complies with all relevant Regulations.

2. Allocate nursery places as required with the aim of achieving the maximum usage consistent with maintaining high standards of care and supervision.

3. Plan and implement a wide variety of learning programmes and experiences to stimulate the interests and encourage the development of children.

4. Supervise and train the staff of the nursery to ensure that they carry out their
responsibilities to the required standards.

5. Recommend to management any changes that might be required to develop or improve the services provided.

6. Maintain stocks of consumables, and accept payments, keeping any necessary records.

7. Maintain all required records of children and their attendance.

8. Promote good working relationships with both internal and external bodies to ensure that an awareness is maintained of the latest childcare practices and Regulations and to promote the image of the nursery as a care provider for children.

9. Notify parents of any issues that may need to be drawn to their attention.

Knowledge, skills and experience required:

The job requires:
*a certificate in childcare;
*at least 5 years' experience in childcare;
*experience of working in a day nursery;
*practical understanding of the physical and emotional needs of children and parents;
*supervisory experience;
*detailed knowledge of nursery practice and procedures;
*excellent interpersonal skills;
*a first aid qualification;
*a food hygiene certificate. 



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