Job Purpose

To analyse problems, and provide advice and guidance to a range of organizations on issues and problems relating to policies, organization, procedures and methods and to recommend appropriate actions, providing assistance with implementation where required.

Job Responsibilities:

1. Carry out market research to identify consultancy opportunities.

2. Prepare presentations and proposals to prospective clients to sell consultancy projects.

3. Analyse client requirements and determine the most appropriate consultancy approach to meet these.

4. Identify and carry out all necessary research to define client problems.

5. Carry out research, analyse problems and identify potential solutions for a variety of client projects to present workable solutions or provide specialist advice to enable clients to resolve business problems.

6. Prepare and present reports setting out the findings, conclusions and recommendations arising from consultancy projects.

7. Maintain regular contact with the client to ensure that there is a regular information about project progress.

8. Assist with implementation of consultancy recommendations as required, including providing any necessary training to client staff.

9. Maintain all required project and client data to ensure that full information is available for project planning, contract management and business development.

10. Maintain an awareness of developments in relevant field of expertise to ensure that advice given is accurate and up to date.

11. Develop and implement all required administrative and financial systems and data to ensure that accurate financial and statutory records can be maintained.

Knowledge, skills and experience required:

The job requires:
*education to degree level;
*ideally, a higher qualification or a suitable professional qualification;
*at least 5 years' general management experience;
*specialist expertise in a specific management discipline;
*a broad understanding of management theory and techniques;
*excellent analytical skills;
*excellent interpersonal skills;
*excellent written and verbal communication skills;
*excellent negotiating and sales skills;
*excellent organizational skills;
*decision-making skills;
*time management skills. 



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