Main purpose of job

To analyze and report on company financial data to ensure that managers receive timely, accurate and relevant information to enable them to make effective decisions.

Main responsibilities

1. Consolidate and interpret financial data from various profit and cost centers to ensure that accurate and timely business information is presented to managers to assist them in decision making.
2. Develop and control a centralized accounting system to ensure that accounts are effectively managed.
3. Produce an operating profit and loss account and balance sheet to produce accurate and timely financial information which meets regulatory and business requirements.
4. Monitor expenditure against budgets and advise managers of any significant variances.
5. Prepare year-end accounting and taxation reports to ensure that the company complies with legal and business requirements.
6. Prepare the annual budget for the company and ensure that individual profit and cost centers have all necessary information for effective budget requirement.
7. Give any necessary advice on management accountancy issues to ensure that managers and staff understand financial and budgetary requirements.
8. Maintain an awareness of developments in the field of management accountancy to ensure the continued provision of a high-quality professional service.

Knowledge, sills and experience required

The job requires:

* a qualified accountant;
* at least 2 years' experience of management accountancy;
* experience of managing computerized accounts systems;
* experience of analyzing company financial data;
* knowledge of the industry;
* good communication skills. 


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