Main purpose of job To plant and organize the maintenance and improvement of the company's properties to ensure that buildings and services are of the required standard and provide a safe and healthy working environment.

Main responsibilities

1. Direct and control all maintenance staff to ensure that they are appropriately motivated and trained and carry out their responsibilities to the required standards.
2. Prepare specifications, obtain tenders and negotiate contracts for maintenance and minor works, ensuring that work is undertaken to the required standards and within agreed timescales and costs.
3. Monitor the maintenance budget to ensure that this is appropriately allocated and so that the company achieves the best value for money.
4. Develop and implement a planned maintenance programme to ensure that buildings and services are maintained to the required standards.
5. Develop and maintain all necessary systems and procedures to ensure the safety and security of buildings and services.
6. Provide technical advice on maintenance issues to managers and staff.
7. Monitor all buildings and services to ensure that they conform to health and safety standards and ensure that contractors are made aware of these requirements.
8. Develop, implement and maintain any necessary systems and procedures to ensure effective energy management within the company.

Knowledge, Skills and experience required

The job requires:
* an appropriate professional or technical qualification;
* at least 10 years' experience in building maintenance;
* good knowledge of building regulations and relevant health and safety legislation;
* extensive managerial experience;
* project managerial experience;
* an ability to manage contractors;
* good negotiating skills;
* good planning and organizing skills;
* excellent interpersonal skills. 


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