Job Purpose

To ensure that all staff on the site and visitors to the site know about and observe health,
safety and hygiene standards and regulations.

Job Responsibilities:

1. Carry out the induction training of all staff to ensure that they are fully aware of health, safety and hygiene rules and regulations before commencing work.

2. Oversee the running of the site laundry and maintain stocks of overalls and protective

3. Negotiate contracts with external suppliers for the supply of personal protective equipment and ensure that stocks are maintained at appropriate levels.

4. Oversee all site cleaning to ensure that thi9s is in accordance with the specified standards.

5. Carry out a regular internal audit all parts of the site and across all shift patterns to
ensure that health, safety and hygiene standards are applied recommend any required changes and review results to ensure that recommendations are implemented.

6. Take any necessary actions and precautions to ensure effective pest control.

7. Maintain an awareness of the company's quality standards and take any necessary actions to ensure that these are adhered to.

8. Maintain an awareness of hygiene standards and introduce any required procedures band processes to ensure that these are observed by all staff.

Knowledge, skills and experience required:

The job requires:
*a technical qualification in a relevant subject;
*attendance on a recognized hygiene course;
*thorough knowledge of health, safety and hygiene standards;
*at least 1 years' experience;
*good knowledge of the plant, equipment and processes used;
*coaching skills;
*negotiating skills;
*excellent interpersonal skills.


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