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Main purpose of job

To carry out any required gardening and horticultural work to the required standard.

Main responsibilities

1. Prepare ground for planting and install drainage systems as necessary.
2. Grow, plant and transplant seeds, bulbs, tubes etc.
3. Carry out regular maintenance of plants and gardens through pruning, weeding, digging, fertilizing etc to ensure optimum pant growth.
4. Carry out any necessary disease and pest control activities to protect plant growth.
5. Cut and lay turf and maintain lawns through mowing, rolling, watering and feeding.
6. Construct and maintain garden features such as paths, rockeries, ponds, sheds etc
7. Maintain competence in the use of all tools required for gardening work.
8. Prepare lists of materials required for gardening work.
9. Maintain an awareness of all health and safety rules applying to all gardening work and tools and equipment used to ensure that safe working practices are observed.
10. Maintain any required records of work carried out.

Knowledge, Skills and experience required

The job features:

* a relevant craft qualification;
* good horticultural knowledge;
* at least 2 years' experience of gardening;
* an ability to work as part of a team and with a minimum of supervision;
* commitment to producing work of a high standard.


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