Job Purpose

To organize and control all production within the factory to achieve all output targets in terms of quantity, quality, yield, wastage, unit costs, and in accordance with health, safety and hygiene standards.

Job Responsibilities:

1. Direct and control all factory staff to ensure that they are properly motivated, trained and developed, and carry out their responsibilities to the required standards and in accordance with health, safety and hygiene standards.

2. Organize all production operations to ensure that output and quality targets are achieved and that all relevant health, safety and hygiene standards are observed.

3. Develop all necessary policies and procedures to ensure that plant and equipment is
effectively maintained to ensure maximum production efficiency.

4. Develop and monitor all necessary procedures to ensure the continued efficient operation and supply of services provided by utilities.

5. Develop and maintain good working relationships with customers and suppliers and organize periodic site visits to demonstrate the effectiveness of the production process.

6. Negotiate contracts with contractors and suppliers to ensure the cost-effective provision of services to the factory.

7. Develop and implement short- and long-term plans to ensure that the factory has the necessary resources to meet business objectives.

8. Develop effective working relationships with all employees and employees' representatives to ensure the maintenance of harmonious employee relations within the factory.

9. Monitor and control the factory budget to ensure that all financial and business objectives are met.

Knowledge, skills and experience required:

The Job requires:
*a degree in a relevant technical subject;
*at least 10 years' production management experience;
*thorough knowledge of all aspects of the production process;
*excellent management skills;
*excellent coaching skills;
*excellent negotiating skills;
*excellent interpersonal skills;
*strong drive to achieve results.


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