Job Purpose

To ensure that the company's operations comply with the best environmental standards and relevant legislation within prescribed quality standards and costs.

Job Responsibilities:

1. Undertake studies of operations and processes to ensure that these comply with the best environmental standards.

2. Review processes, techniques and equipment to determine how emissions may be reduced and compliance with environmental standards achieved.

3. Assist in the development of a strategy to ensure that the company com-plies with the best environmental standards and relevant legislation.

4. Maintain a relationship with the appropriate regulatory bodies to ensure that the company complies with all relevant standards and legislation.

5. Provide support and advice to other departments in the company to ensure that they are aware of their obligations in complying with environmental standards.

6. Assist in the coordination of projects to ensure that environmental issues are taken into

7. Maintain an up-to-date knowledge of environmental standards, legislation and relevant
technology to ensure that the company complies with best practice.

Knowledge, skills and experience required:

The job requires:
*a degree or relevant technical qualification;
*at least 5 years' experience of dealing with the environmental issues arising from the
*operational processes involved;
*knowledge of environmental standards and relevant legislation;
*knowledge of the industry and of the processes involved;
*operational experience;
*communication skills.


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