Job Purpose

To advise on all aspects of electrical power generation and transmission and to develop and monitor a programme for the electrical maintenance of plant, machinery and equipment to ensure that these continue to operate at optimum levels with a minimum of downtime.

Job Responsibilities:

1. Develop preventive maintenance schedules for plant,machinery and equipment to ensure that these continue to operate at optimum levels.

2. Monitor the performance of plant and equipment to ensure that their manufacture, operation and maintenance comply with design specifications and contractual agreements.

3. Monitor and revise maintenance schedules as necessary to ensure their continued effective performance.

4. Assist in the preparation and monitoring of budgets to ensure that maintenance is carried out within agreed costs.

5. Ensure that all documentation and procedures are provided by suppliers and contractors when receiving new plant and equipment.

6. Determine the optimum level of spare parts to be held in stock to ensure that availability is maintained at minimum cost.

7. Maintain comprehensive records of stocks and maintenance carried out.

8. Maintain contact with other departments to ensure that any plant shut down is carried out at minimum cost and inconvenience.

9. Monitor the results of the planned maintenance programme and introduce any required changes where effectiveness needs to be improved.

10. Maintain knowledge of new developments in maintenance practices and procedures to ensure that there is continuous improvement in maintenance standards.

Knowledge, skills and experience required:

The job requires:
*a degree in electrical engineering;
*a chartered engineer;
*at least 3 years' experience of electrical maintenance;
*knowledge of the industry;
*good communication skills;
*good analytical and problem-solving skills;
*an ability to work as part of a team;
*knowledge of modern maintenance techniques;
*IT literacy;
*good interpersonal skills.



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