Job Purpose

To oversee the design of projects from the initial specification to the final product stage to ensure that products meet all required specifications to the required standards and satisfy customer requirements.

Job Responsibilities:

1. Oversee the design of products and test these to ensure that they meet all quality standards and specifications and satisfy customer requirements.

2. Oversee the production of comprehensive documentation and information about products to ensure that customers are given all the required information for effective product use.

3. Continuously review product performance and feedback from customers to develop any necessary improvements to products.

4. Introduce and oversee a process for the research and design of new products and modifications to existing products to ensure continuous improvement.

5. Develop and monitor the product development budget to ensure that all projects are effectively costed.

6. Maintain a liaison with other departments to identify product needs and to produce design specifications that meet customer requirements.

7. Research customer requirements to ensure that products meet the purposes for which they are designed and satisfy those requirements.

8. Provide technical advice and support to other departments.

Knowledge, skills and experience required:

The job requires:
*a degree in engineering or a related discipline;
*at least 5 years' experience in the design of company products;
*significant experience in a related industry;
*project management skills;
*excellent communication skills;
*highly developed analytical and problem-solving skills;
*high-level innovation and design skills. 



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