Job Purpose

To provide advice and expertise to managers and staff on all civil engineering aspects of the company's operations.

Job Responsibilities:

1. Provide technical advice to managers and staff on all aspects of civil engineering relating to the company's operations.

2. Carry out any required site visits and inspections to determine the civil engineering aspects of planned works.

3. Carry out feasibility studies for major and minor works and recommend new projects and extensions to existing projects.

4. Direct and control civil engineering projects to ensure that they are completed to the
standards required within agreed timescales and to the agreed budget level.

5. Advise on the purchase of plant and machinery to ensure that it is appropriate for the
purposes intended.

6. Maintain regular contact with other professionals and staff involved in large engineering projects to ensure that there is effective overall coordination.

7. Prepare reports on the civil engineering aspects of projects to ensure that decisions are
based on the best possible information and take account of all resource implications and time and budgetary constraints.

8. Maintain knowledge of modern civil engineering techniques and processes and recommend any new systems that will enhance the effectiveness of the civil engineering function.

Knowledge, skills and experience required:

The Job requires:
*a degree in civil engineering;
*qualification as a civil engineer;
*a minimum of 5 years' civil engineering experience;
*a knowledge of the industry;
*experience of supervising teams in a technical environment;
*an ability to solve technical problems;
*good human relations, motivational and communicational skills;
*project management skills.. 


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