Job Purpose

To develop and implement strategies, policies and processes to improve operations and service delivery to meet existing and future corporate objectives.


1. Lead in the development of strategies, policies and processes across all functions that will help to achieve the company's mission and core objectives.

2. Recruit and motivate business-oriented teams accountable for the achievement of corporate and individual targets, ensuring that comprehensive performance appraisal and development opportunities are provided in accordance with the company's human resources strategy and employment policies.

3. Provide advice and guidance to managers and staff on all aspects of business transformation.

4. Maintain regular contact with customers to keep them aware of business development and to seek feedback from them so that the company can effectively implement a programme of continuous improvement.

5. Develop and implement policies to recruit and retain the required levels and quality of staff to ensure that planned changes are effectively implemented and corporate objectives met.

6. Develop and control multidisciplinary teams to ensure that action plans are implemented and changes achieved that will support the organizationís core objectives.

7. Develop and monitor budgets for all major organization development projects.

8. Negotiate contracts with external consultants and other organizations to provide services in support of organization change and development where these cannot be met from in-house resources.

9. Develop close working relationships with other key functions in the organization to keep them aware of, and seek there views on, proposed organizational changes to ensure that there is a coordinated approach to these.

10. Develop and implement all necessary information technology policies and processes to ensure that these support the business transformation process.

11. Maintain an awareness of any possible threats to the business and develop policies and processes that will provide for such contingencies.

12. Maintain an awareness of developments in the fields of organization change and development to ensure that the company continuous to take advantage of the latest thinking in these areas.

13. Commission research in the field of organization development and change to ensure that the company implements policies and approaches that will improve operational effectiveness.

Knowledge, skills and experience required:

The job requires:
*education to degree level;
*professional qualification in a relevant discipline;
*considerable experience of managing organization change;
*at least 5 years' senior management experience;
*knowledge of IT systems;
*excellent interpersonal skills;
*excellent analytical skills;
*excellent written and verbal communication skills. 


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