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Main Purpose of job

To plan, design and supervise the construction, adaptation and development of building and land having regard to functional and aesthetic requirements.

Main Responsibilities

1. Produce designs for building and other building projects in accordance with a brief or specification.
2. Discuss design requirement s with clients and other interested parties to determine the detailed project specifications in relation to the type and style of construction, cost limitations and land-scaping and planning requirements.
3. Carry out a thorough site survey to determine site characteristics and to assess likely problems.
4. Advise client on details of the proposed construction, including impact on surrounding area, and keep informed of progress.
5. Prepare detailed drawings and design specifications and submit these for approval by relevant planning authorities.
6. Negotiate and oversee contracts with builders to ensure that work is carried out to the appropriate standards and in accordance with agreed timescales and costs.
7. Maintain and awareness of developments in the field of architecture so that up-to-date and accurate advice can be given to clients.
8. Monitor and audit work carried out by contractors to ensure that it is the required standard.

Knowledge, skills and experience required

The job requires:

* a relevant professional qualification;
* at least 3 years' post-qualification experience in architecture;
* highly developed technical drawing skills;
* negotiating skills;
* analytical skills;
* excellent interpersonal skills. 


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