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Main purpose of job

To analyse and interpret data using economic, statistical and actuarial principles and techniques to assist in management decision making and with the formulation of financial and investment policies.

Main responsibilities

1. Decide what data is required for any particular project and determine the most appropriate methods for the collection and analysis of this data.
2. Analyse and interpret data using statistical, financial, economic and other appropriate techniques and advise managers on the appropriate actions and policies to be pursued in the light of these findings.
3. Prepare and present reports, charts, and tables summarizing findings and recommendations.
4. Establish and maintain regular contact with relevant departments and employees in the company to gather relevant data.
5. Maintain an awareness of developments in the actuarial field to ensure that the latest techniques and approaches.

Knowledge , skills and experience required

The job requires:

* qualification to degree level;
* a relevant professional qualification;
* at least 5 years' experience of actuarial analysis;
* a high level of competence in mathematical, statistical and economic analysis;
* a high level accuracy;
* good report-writing and presentation skills;
* good interpersonal skills. 


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