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PEOPLEplus - IT Recruitment Agency Bangalore, India 

IT Recruitment Agency

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PEOPLEplus -
IT Recruitment Agency Bangalore - India
(Focus India)

Know your Consultant: PEOPLEplus - IT Recruitment Agency

  • PEOPLEplus is located in Bangalore, aptly nicknamed the Silicon Valley of India. The city is home to the Who's who in the international IT arena, thanks to the plethora of professional talent, the abundance of high quality professional institutions, and the benign climate of Bangalore throughout the year.

    Core competencies

    PEOPLEplus is a total HR & Operations Solutions Provider for domestic and international IT companies.


    Take recruitment activity very seriously, as you would expect , since it is  bread and butter function. Stretch with a passion for Clients and candidates, eager to play facilitator role to make the win-win happen - for all the three .

    IT skills, at every level. Are strong in high-end skills in areas such as :

    * VLSI and Asic Design
    * Embedded & DSP
    * WLAN, Network & Telecom Domains
    * Networking , Database & Systems Administration
    * ERP, SAP & Other Business Process Applications
    * Mainframe and Other Domain Applications
    * Applications Development (Microsoft, Java, Oracle…)
    * IT Sales & Marketing (Software & Hardware)

    As a dedicated IT Support organization, receive new requirements on a daily basis.
    Are particularly strong in high end skills like Hardware Design (VLSI, Asic), Embedded & Telecom domains (WLAN, Bluetooth, etc), as well as SAP, ERP and other Business Process Application areas, since quite a few companies we work with operate in these domains.


    Do not pretend to be professional career counselors - but a professional sounding team willing to give that crucial advice

    Kindly make sure that you provide your email id while mailing your request to enable Joy to provide you a response. Please bear with us if we are a bit late in response. Volume of mail does play a role in our speed of response.

    They are based at Bannerghatta Road , Bangalore, India


Note: The above is just basic information | For Complete Contact Details Check Jobnet's Directory of IT Recruitment Agencies.





IT Recruitment Agency: On behalf of a major and well-respected blue-chip clients, actively seeking to recruit a number of IT Professionals within various functions.. 

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