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Google has recently opened an office in Bangalore, India its very first full engineering facility outside the United States. The office will operate in an identical manner to its other engineering groups, with the same scope of work, hiring standards and unique Google culture. Goal : to conceive, research, implement and deploy the next generation search engine a goal that requires talented software engineers, top coders and visionary computer scientists.

Those who join in this worldwide effort can expect an outstanding work environment and the satisfaction of tackling some of the most interesting challenges in computing today.

Their engineering team is working on problems in a number of areas, including distributed systems, information retrieval, algorithms, UI, a variety of novel search features, and scalability issues related to dealing with huge amounts of data and a rapidly increasing user population.


  • B-Tech or MS in Computer Science (Ph.D. a plus)

  • Extensive experience with C and C++

  • Experience with programming large scale, distributed systems

  • Extensive knowledge of UNIX/Linux or Windows environments

Send a text resume (and for new grads unofficial copies of transcripts) to [email protected]. 

Courtesy : Google India

Google India Job Opportunities

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