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To further help job seekers and employers in finding each other, we have introduced the all-new Career Resources Section which is an Industry wise directory listing of Company’s Job Vacancies / Career web page.  By regular research, we are able to offer this useful service to job seekers. (Jobs Careers info) offers links and information of companies and businesses having career opportunities and job openings in various job categories. 

Now all you need to do is browse through this directory to find Companies falling under your Industry : visit the featured links to know who they are looking for and also learn  more about the Company, their work culture, team and contact details..


This is a great opportunity for all you job seekers to keep yourself updated with who's hiring whom?

All you need to do is browse through this directory regularly to know when your favorite companies are hiring so that you can apply immediately.....

You no longer have to worry about gathering information about good Companies in your field.....123oye's Career Resource Directory takes care of all that just for you!!! 


Banking BPO

Call Center Chemical

Education Export



Medical Transcription


Note: We would be listing the jobs as provided or researched and not responsible for any discrepancies. When the companies listed move their career pages, we may lose the link......Please help us to keep these links up to date by reporting bad links

We would also appreciate it if you would suggest good company career pages to be added here and in the process help us to build a large and reliable career resource.... Thanks!!! Feel free to email us at  - [email protected]

To request a free link on 123oye 's Career Directory to your Company's Career page or job listing, or to create and maintain your own career page on, Feel free to email us at  - [email protected]  

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