Freckles' new 'Candy Love'

22 May, 2012
Singer-rapper Freckles has come up with her new single 'Candy Love'

Freckles aka Amesha Patterson, a singer, writer and rapper, has been professionally honing her music craft for the past two years to prepare for her independent debut. Now, she is ready with the release of her new single 'Candy Love' produced by Sweat Da Trac Productions and a music video to accompany it, filmed by DTV Films.

Freckles got her pseudonym from her adornment of freckles. Stylized as 'FR3CKL3S', she started writing at the age of 9 and found her singing abilities in the church which still has a major influence on her singing.

Coming from the music group, KnowFeatures, which Freckles founded and formed with former high school classmate R&B singer Cristle J, Freckles is now setting her debut as she collaborates with some of her business peers based in Atlanta, GA and Memphis, TN.

Since making a few adjustments and changes, Freckles now presents her latest work 'Candy Love.'

The video for the new single was shot in various locations in Memphis, TN and includes a cameo and feature by rap artist Reall Krazy.

'Candy Love,' Freckles' debut song was inspired by a previous relationship, according to Freckles.

“The guy that I dated would do any thing to get my time, if it was either buying me candy, perfume or filling my voice mail up,” stated Freckles.

As for describing Freckles' music, the singer says it's fun and organic music, while her new single is sweet, cutieful and flirty.