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Opportunities & Challenges - Working Abroad

Working abroad in a foreign country can be quite challenging for some people especially where interaction with other people is part of the job profile. In such a situation, knowledge of the foreign language and an understanding of their culture can be helpful. Those of us who have had an experience of traveling abroad through work or for leisure have a better chance of adapting well in a foreign land.

Opportunities Abroad

Today with globalisation, the world has become better connected. Asians, especially Indians are open to taking up jobs in other countries that offer good opportunities for career advancement and provide an improvement in their present financial position.  

Some of the most attractive countries for working abroad include -

  1. USA - offers a high standard of living and chances for improved lifestyle for professionals.
  2. Dubai & Middle East - Professionals with strong technical skills can earn a high income in these countries.
  3. Australia - offers good opportunities for entrepreneurs and professionals in various fields. Good infrastructural facilities are available here.
  4. Thailand - skills in accountancy and technical knowledge can be helpful in building a career here.

Before planning a career abroad and taking up a job in anew country, pay attention to the following matters -

  • Size & Type of Company offering the Job Abroad - It is usually a good idea to join a multinational Company when relocating abroad as they have clear policies which hey tend follow well.
  • Duration / Time period of the Assignment - Find out the duration for which you will be sent abroad. It is advisable to look for long term assignments which will provide you a chance for career advancement and growth.
  • Opportunities to Save - Find out the cost of living in the foreign country and whether or not the company will provide you with housing and medical facilities. Only if these details are taken care of by the Company, you will have the opportunity to save.
  • Location and Salary Structure
  • Tax policies & Standard of Living
  • Political and Social situation

These are some of the basic factors that you should consider before taking that all important decision to work abroad.

Please Note: Points mentioned here are only meant to give a general idea about opportunities abroad. Before taking up any offers abroad, make sure to carry out a specific and thorough research about the current situation and work environments in these countries.



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