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Applying to Jobs Advertised In The Newspaper

One of the most common methods used by employers to recruit employees for their organization is to advertise vacant positions in their organization in the local or non local newspaper.

Job advertisements is perhaps the most common method use to attract job seeking candidates. So much so that most candidates are habituated to check out vacancies advertised in the Tuesday and Wednesdays newspaper first thing in the morning.

When applying for a job and replying to a job advertisement make sure to -

  • Read the content of the ad carefully
  • Understand the requirements
  • Find out if you should call them, send them your resume through email or call them?

When replying and applying to an advertised vacancy, it is imperative to follow all the steps and do it right! Most advertisements mention clearly what they expect from you to go to the next stage -

  • If the ad mentions an email id or a website address, you might need to visit the site and apply directly online.
  • If they have asked for your resume, make sure that you send them the most current and updated copy.
  • Consider sending your resume with a short, concise and targetted Cover Letter / Application Letter - clearly mentioning the post you are applying for.

The Application letter is the first and foremost point of contact between you and the recruiter. Hence, pay attention to every aspect of it such as - language and spellings, how you communicate through words, your ability to present yourself formally, etc. Use this letter to highlight why you are suitable for the job and your experience briefly.

Some candidates also try out sending a letter of interest to their prospective employers stating their interest in joining the organization. Such a speculative letter is aimed primarily at creating an interest. Since the basis of such a letter is to arouse considerable amount of interest in the employer, make sure that you highlight some of your strongest points and convince the reader to call you for an interview - You may want to highlight the following -

  • Your skill set
  • work experience / track record
  • Experience working abroad
  • specialized knowledge
  • Strongest achievements, etc

Sending Your Documents:

After reading the advertisement carefully and preparing all the necessary documents, it is now time to send all the paper. Put all the papers together - application form, letter, CV, photographs, etc and them them in a clean and fresh envelope. Use a good courier service or post to make sure that your application reaches on time.

Once you have taken care of applying for the job, the next step is to wait for a response. Your patience will be tested at his time. Maintain your calm. Continue with your job search and apply to other suitable positions as well.


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