Internal Business Communication 


Internal Business Communication

By Rupal Jain

Communication is the process by which we exchange meanings, facts, ideas, opinions, or emotions with other people.

In Business Communication can be classified as Internal and External. Internal Communication is within the firm i.e. with the employees; whereas; external communication is with outsiders like customers, media, government, shareholders etc.

Internal Communication is defined as a communication between employees or departments across all levels of divisions of an organisation.

It is a form of corporate communication and can be formal, informal, upward, downward, horizontal or diagonal which can take various forms such as team, briefing, interviewing, employee or works councils, meeting, memos, or intranet newsletters, the grapevine, and the reports.

It includes all communication within an organisation; which can be oral or written; an effective internal communication helps to decide the roles, duties, responsibilities, authorities and power of every employee; provides a clear vision, mission, values, culture, attitude, norms to the employees which fosters congenial, better and stronger relationship between the management and the employees; instructs their chain of command;

it also enables sharing information, motivating, assisting, persuading, requesting, encouraging and responding to the employees as well as the management can give their suggestions, views, opinions, ideas through appropriate internal communication thus encouraging unity of command and direction.

However, factors like clarity, timeliness, conciseness, transparency, honesty, openness, scope for appropriate feedback and two way communications must be considered for a good internal communication.

Finally, Internal Communication is rightly referred as a two-way communication process within a company or supply chain involving exchange of information and idea which can be oral or/and written; which also includes active listening for effective decision making.

Also used to refer to the policies, departments, and specific technologies.

Telephones, faxes, computers, bulletin boards, memos, internal newsletters/ magazines/ journals or any other form of print material, notices, circulars, message board, virtual meetings, intranet and e-mails are all parts of a company’s internal communication.


Written By: Rupal Jain, Lecturer, Atharva Institute of Management Studies (MUMBAI)

She can be reached at  jainrupal@sify.com

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