The latest Utkal Express derailment incident happened because of the loopholes in the communications. The accident which killed more than 22 people and injured over 150, occurred as the track underneath was broken which the train driver wasn’t aware of.

All the legal actions have already been in motion as the Commissioner of Railway Safety, Mr. Shailesh Kumar Pathak is moving towards starting a detailed inquiry about the Utkal Express accident.

Uttar Pradesh Police have already recorded FIR against unknown persons under the sections 287, 337, 338, 304A, 427, 151, and 153. 

While the NDRF, State Government, and various responsible bodies are taking care of the people injured in the incident, one new thing came into the focus.

As per a recently published report in Rail Parikarma (a local newspaper focusing on Indian Railway agendas), there were about six terrorist threats reported in Uttar Pradesh in 2017 itself.

These six threats are all specific to Indian Railway only, which indicates that Indian Railway might be a soft target for the active terrorists in the country.

Here are the details of six terrorist threats on Indian Railway in UP in 2017:

January 26, 2017 – Agra Passenger Train

Agra Passenger Train Indian Railway Terrorist Target

There was a spread rumour that the Agra Passenger train was carrying a bomb. The train in question was running between Agra and Itawah stations of Uttar Pradesh.

The moment police received the rumour, GRP, RPF and Dog Squad searched the whole train at Agra City station.

The search ended with nothing substantial to be found. However, they did find a threat attack note later.

28 March 2017 – near Sant Kabir Nagar city

Sant Kabir Nagar city Indian Railway Terrorist Target

After an incident, the police found three live Sutli Bombs near the Railway Track.

The incident happened when a live bomb exploded in the hand of a Nepali man while he was busy picking up the trash near the railway track in the Khalilabad area.

24 April 2017 – Kushinagar Express

Kushinagar Express Indian Railway Terrorist Target

This was the third rumor incident in the row, as someone reported about the presence of a bomb in Kushinagar Express.

A person named Sunil Kumar shared this information with the GRP. Taking a quick action, the GRP searched the whole train, thoroughly.

At the search end, the information came out as nothing but a rumour. The GRP arrested Sunil for spreading a false rumor.

3 May 2017 – Gonda Railway Station

Gonda Railway Station Indian Railway Terrorist Target

At an odd hour, an unknown person called the GRP officials at Gonda Railway Station and threatened to blow up the complete station.

The officials quickly teamed up with RPF and local police, searched the whole station but, couldn’t find anything substantial to be worried of.

28 July 2017 – Blast Sound following Gurumukhi Express

Gurumukhi Express Indian Railway Terrorist Target

As reported by the train driver, a blast was heard as the train crossed Siktiya crossing in Alinagar area in Chandauli district of Uttar Pradesh.

Without any delay, the driver sent the alert to the GRP unit. A team of local police, GRP and RPF gathered up, scanned the whole area but, failed to find any explosive.

10 August 2017 – Akal Takhat Express

Akal Takhat Express Indian Railway Terrorist Target

In the district of Amethi, a suspicious element was reported to be found in Akal Takhat Express as the train was at Akbarganj railway station.

The Bomb Disposal Squad came to the station, moved in and searched the whole train with the help of other police units. They did find the bomb and were successful in diffusing it before it could go off, saving a big incident from happening.

Indian Railway a Soft Target for Terrorists?

We are not sure if all these threats were the plan of an organized terrorist group or were just fake rumors spread by local people.

But, it does bring our focus on the fact that Indian Railway has become a Soft Target for sure!

Intelligence Bureau of India along with ATC unit of Uttar Pradesh, GRP and RPF security officials are working round the clock to keep Indian Railway away from becoming the soft target.

But, we couldn’t ignore the fact that they need to put more working hours in action to keep common man safe. After all, Indian Railway is the lifeline transportation medium of our country.

Indian Railway a Soft Target? 6 Terrorist Activities Reported in UP in 2017

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