Health Tips – While Holidaying In Bangkok
Source: slideshare

Bangkok is a city in Thailand, the neighbor country of China. Bangkok city is located in temperate zone and usually the temperature of the place remains above or equal to 25 degree Celsius. The hygiene and climate conditions are very different in Bangkok. Here are some health tips while holidaying in Bangkok;

  • Bangkok is supposed to be very pollutant country. I would suggest you and especially to asthma patients to be intensely careful. It would be better to cover your nose and mouth with a mask.
  • The water in Bangkok is not so safe. So due to safety measures, it would be better to use bottled water for every time, even you are using water for brushing.
  • Try to avoid street food and especially shark fin soup. Do not try street food, if you have recently arrived in Bangkok. It can cause nausea and vomiting.
  • You need to keep a strong and effective mosquito repellant as in Bangkok the risks of mosquito borne diseases are very high.
  • Eye infection, ear infection and fungal infections are very common in Bangkok due to humidity in the climate of the city. So have precautions and preventions for these infections are very essential.
  • Vaccinations for yellow fever and dengue fever are advised before the departure for Bangkok. The vaccinations should be taken at least 3 to 4 weeks prior to the departure.
  • The place is very hot and storage of medicines is very hard so always keep your essential medicines in cool storage.