Contaminated Bone Found in Veg. Sambhar and Rasam

Andhra Bhawan canteen is known for offering finger-licking South Indian food. It’s a famous restaurant among Delhi citizens.

Recently, Jay Paudyal with two of his friends, went to the restaurant to enjoy the vegetarian food options from their menu.

It wasn’t his first visit as he was in love with the tasty South Indian food one can get at the outlet.

Contaminated Bone Found in Veg. Sambhar and Rasam

Unlike his previous visits, this one turned out a nightmare as he found a contaminated Bone (non-veg) in the so claimed 100% Vegetarian food.

One of the three friends started vomiting as the happy hour turned into a nightmare. To many of us, it might not sound a big issue, but it’s a big issue for a person strictly following the vegetarian diet.

Andhra Bhawan nonveg bone in Rasam Sambhar case

We all have the right to choose between Vegetarian or Non-Vegetarian diet.

The bone was discovered as they were almost finished with the tasty food. Jay even shared a selfie with his friends on his Facebook profile, expressing his excitement towards the food.

On the discovery of a bone, Jay decided to register a complaint, dialing the 100 phone number. Police reached the Andhra Bhawan canteen, looked over the matter, seized the reported food and filed a complaint as per 295A section.

non veg found in veg food andhra bhawan 1

Here is a compilation of the Facebook live video Jay Paudyal did while reporting the issue to his online friends along with the police.

Following are the links to the Live Video Jay did on the matter.

Facebook Live Video 1

Facebook Live Video 2

Isn’t it a breach of our trust?

What do you think?