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McDonald's is not just a burger company serving people; they are a people company serving burgers. The average McDonald's restaurant employs as many as 40 people - from crew to the restaurant manager. As of today, they employ close to 2,500 people in India. A job at McDonald’s opens the door to limitless career opportunities.

Career Paths

Second Assistant Manager

As a Second Assistant Manager, you will learn the basic requirements of the Quick Service Restaurant industry and will be involved in training, coaching and motivating staff members. Your hands-on training will be supplemented with classroom training.

First Assistant Manager

As a First Assistant Manager, you will assist with all aspects of restaurant operations. You will supervise recruitment and scheduling of restaurant staff in addition to being responsible for equipment management. Moreover, you'll be involved in maintaining, directing and increasing your restaurant’s sales and profit levels. Your hands-on training will continue to be supplemented by additional classroom training.

Restaurant Manager

As a Restaurant Manager, you'll be fully accountable and responsible for the operation, profitability and management of a multi crore business. You will establish goals and objectives to maintain and enhance total customer satisfaction and to help build the McDonald's brand in your community. At this level, you'll receive ongoing business / management skills training and development. Ambitious and talented Restaurant Managers have the opportunity to extend their career paths into other disciplines related to the McDonald's business, such as Operations, Training, Purchasing, Human Resources, Marketing and more. How far you go is up to you!

Recognition [Rewards] In addition to McDonald's competitive wage and promotion programs, hard work, dedication, motivation and results are recognized and rewarded at McDonald's. Appreciation comes in many forms - from a simple thank you for a job well done, to restaurant-wide recognition through programs such as the 'Face of the Month' and ‘Face of the Quarter’. McDonald's also offers great incentive programs with access to gift certificates and merchandise. India.

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