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Ford India's Two-step Hiring Process

* The first phase is initial recruiting, when they review and assess the candidate's credentials, experience and background.
* The second phase is a more in-depth interaction with the Ford India team at an Assessment Centre. Based on the candidate's performance at the Assessment Centre, Ford Managers will make the hiring decision.

Valuing Diversity - Creating An Inclusive Culture
They strongly believe that well-managed, diverse work teams can outperform homogeneous teams in quantity, creativity and quality.
Equal Opportunity
Ford India is committed to the principle of equal opportunity in employment. The Company actively promotes equal opportunity through the application of employment policies that ensure that individuals receive treatment that is fair, equitable and consistent with their relevant aptitudes, potential, skills and abilities.

Business Planning Process
The Business Planning Process is used to identify and set individual employee/team, department, and organization key business objectives. The process focuses and aligns the whole of the company's endeavours towards achievement of its business plan.

Ford College Graduate Program
The Ford College Graduate Program is a structured one-year program that will enable trainees to acquire a broad business perspective and appreciate the inter-relatedness of different functions and also contribute to their own self-development. On successful completion of the one-year training, trainees are absorbed into different functions.


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