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Summer Trainees The Coca-Cola Summer Trainee Program is designed to facilitate the professional development of young talent and identify talented culture-fit employees for the company's Management Trainee program. The Summer Trainee program provides a learning of the vagaries and complexities of our business 'from the ground up'. With value-creating live projects, the intern begins appreciating the intricacies of his or her function and the impact that its has on business. The quality and content of projects provides an opportunity to complement your classroom learning with hand-on experience.

They offer a traineeship in the following areas:
* Sales
* Marketing
* Human Resources
* Supply Chain
* Management Trainees

The Coca-Cola Management Trainee Program is the first step towards developing business general managers. A structured assessment process at some of the country's premier business schools ensures that we hire the right talent to groom them into senior management positions A cross-functional training program spread over six months across the country builds an appreciation of the complexity of the business as well as help you understand the its interlinkages. The learning experience is also spiced up with a few value-creating projects in the functional stints. Ground learnings are further consolidated with structured classroom sessions from the field managers themselves. A Community Development stint helps the leaders of tomorrow to relate to their environment and reaffirms our commitment to the community

The functional training stints include Sales, Marketing, Technical, Finance and Human Resources. We offer a traineeship in the following areas: * Sales * Marketing * Human Resources * Supply Chain * Logistics * Finance *

Graduate Engineer Trainees & Quality Operations Trainees :

Quality is one of the key values for Coca-Cola. To deliver on our the promise of 100% Quality, we begin with a comprehensive training program for Quality executives. The Quality Operations Trainee Program has a mix of candidates from the country’ best Food Technology Institutes and internal high potential executives. In addition, the technical expertise across our bottling plants is honed during a year long program -the Graduate Engineer Trainee program, which boasts of a mix of graduates from premiere Engineering colleges and high potential internal candidates, both of whom are selected through a rigorous assessment process. Coaches and mentors at the locations supplement their education thereby enhancing the learning quotient of the program During the training program the trainees are exposed to various cross-functional modules besides in-depth practical knowledge of their core function. Each trainee as specific learning objectives through a project in each plant that he is assigned during the course of his or her training. Each trainee has a stint at, at least three different plants working with the central technical/ quality team at Gurgaon, thus delivering and contributing to the Business even while learning.

WOTES - Women Operations Trainees Program: 

The WOTES program is based on a simple approach that reemphasizes Equal Opportunity and Meritocracy as a core value of the Company’s operations. The program not only aims to grow the business in sync with the Company’s diverse community and consumer base but also intends to engage the confident educated Indian women to be an integral part of the management. The WOTES or Women Operations Trainees Program is a focused Sales Training program for Women executives who will supplement the sales force in Frontline Sales. Spanning six-months the program consists of a three-month introduction to Sales the Coke way, followed by three months of on-the-job training at their prospective locations.The program imparts invaluable learning and an exposure to on-ground market conditions. At the end of the training, the WOTES will join the field force managing the sales operations across the country.

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